Sunday, March 20, 2016


Well i really cant see how australian consultants will make any money out of this mini
catalogue.  Same ole same ole tripe.  Same paper patterns, I mean seriously Zoe wasnt popular so why bring it back out in another pack but in red and white.  Plus cameras pennant banners and hearts,
Dont you have a design department close to my heart ?

Magical papers and WYW is disgusting and boring, great if you've just been to disneyland
but what else would you use it for.  Very Little, but I am sure they will be convincing
in managing to spin you some other uses for it so they make their money.

Ugly boring papers and the New Workshop Your Way kits are just a rip off
in comparison to the Workshops on The Go and yet they want you to think you are getting
a bargain at $41,  It was only a bargain with a stamp set in there in the WOTG

This florence paper is boring, it doesnt even speak Florence to me.

Calypso papers are you serious, Its not the 70's, people dont want flamigoes and pineapples on their scrapbooking papers.  Fruit on paper is repulsive at the best of times and very rarely sells, especially not in the middle of Winter in Australia.  You've dropped the balll on this one #ctmh.
And the wafter thin dies, that go with the flamingo stamp set are of the utmost cheapest quality,
they're disgraceful.  I would be seen dead putting this Picture My Life cards in an album of mine.

Enough with the sequins already #closetomyheart.  They're done and gone,
no matter what colour you put them in.  Gold, Silver and metalics are big this season
or havent #ctmh design team kept up with the latest trends in papercraft.  Seems all the other 
companies have.

This #seasonalexpressions2 is hardly worth holding your breathe for.

If this wafter thin die set wasnt so cheap and nasty this set might be worth a second glance
but the price would deter me for 2 dies.

I dont mind this stamp set and matching dies but again the wafer thin dies are
off poor quality and over priced.

I plan on buying this scrapbooking stamp set, to make cards with for friends
who scrapbook but i cant see you would make scrappages with them.

Boring and corny sayings for stamp sets.  Bad Bad Bad.  Not even cute.

Like i said earlier with the magical workshop your way packs, this stamp set would be great if you
have been on a vacation to disneyland, but seriously you would probably only use it once and not worth the $27.00

Not a bad stamp set for the little girls birthday cards or pages.

Yep okay this stamp set might have some uses with the cheap thin lit dies,
for party invitations, but again the dies are over priced and of cheap quality.

I will be getting this fathers day stamp set because the moustache
cuts out on the cricut and it would be awesome stamped.  But once a years use ?
well, well see

Fruit stamp sets  YUK !!!!!!!!!!!  Your one in a melon, ewwww.

Well i would not make a friend of mine a card saying you are fabulous with a flamingo on the front
YUK !!!!!!!

Great for water colouring this hibiscus stamp but a bit of fussy cutting involved in it

Boring sport stamps, well i guess a minority in Oz play Lacrosse
a halloween stamp and vintage cars and thats it fokes.
So save your $2.50 in buying this mini catalogue, cause everything thats in it, you've just seen

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  1. Tracey, you have my complete admiration for speaking up and speaking the truth. When I first jointed CTMH They had a color pallet of 60 of the most beautiful colors and the most wonderful creative collection of stamps especially for cardmakers! At the same time SU had a color pallet of 40 ugly colors and their stamps were same ole same ole. Seems like the companies have switched places. I was truly hoping for great things coming out of the seasonal catalog but am no longer hopeful. Anyway, thank you for calling it like it is.


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