Friday, March 28, 2014


I just love things with Logo's.
So it was no surprise when I brought an umbrella to use at my beloved
TORONTO NETBALL CLUB GAMES that I had to identify
which umbrella was mine.  So if your like me this is how I did
it.  Now this was my first attempt and it looks a little messy
but with more practice I am sure I will perfect the technique.
So read on below how you too can use your Close to My Heart EXCLUSIVE INKS
to make your personalised off the page projects.

Firstly, I used my Cricut Expressions V2, to cut out the words I wanted to
put onto the umbrella.  Remembering, its not the letters we want this time
its to create a stencil.  When you peal off the piece of cardstock which will now
be your stencil, be careful, to look for the little bits of the letters, such as
the centre of the " O" so it still creates the effect of the letter.
Pin the stencil to your project, where you want the wording to be and in this instance its an Umbrella.

Next use your Close To My Heart  "White Daisy" exclusive ink, and a wedge of
 a close to my heart SPONGE and dab the sponge onto the ink pad and then
start dabbing it onto the stencil on the letters. 

Be sure to give each letter a thick even coat of White Daisy.  Now, I feel I should tell you
that White daisy is a pigment ink and not a water based ink, therefore it stays wet longer.
You can use water based inks but you will not get the same effect.

Now cover with a thick coat of white embossing powder.

Now using a craft heat gun, heat and set the embossing powder.  Now this will
set the letters into the material and stop them from coming off.
And look at the result.

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